THE    ARTIST:

My   vision   of    ART



The most important in an artistic work are the emotions we feel in front of it.

It's not the artist..


But why not a small introduction?




Self-taught painter, I have always been attracted by surrealism.


René Magritte is my favorite painter, because of his poetry, his humor and his perfect technique in the last years of his career.


Music has always been present in my life and hence you can find it in my creations, especially the guitar which is for me the perfect symbol of this art.


The technique I use is mainly oil painting on canva, applied with simple brushes (no spray painting).


Recently, I have been starting to add acrylic paint for certain parts of my paintings, for both aesthetic and technical reasons (fast drying for example).

Huile et acrylique sur toile - dimensions 50X70 - titre: éléments de question
éléments de question 50X70


As a tribute to my father who was an airplane pilot, I started to paint the planes that he flew during his career in the french naval aviation